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IRIS media is a UK based photography and cinematography company founded with a mission to serve her clients with precise doses of light & sound through the incorporation of contemporary tools.


We specialize in bringing your weddings, special events, music vidoes & products ads to the screen in ways that beat the imagination.

Our mission statement......"serving you the right dose of light and sound" has always been our watchword as we set out to set before you an irresistible meal of graphic allure.


Dr Seth Olawale Olaniyi is a UK registered medical practitioner and a passionate cinematographer & graphic artist. This versatile young man is the brain behind a number of great  musical videos and TV productions over the years.
He has always been regarded as “different” because of his out-of-the-box mentality., Dr Seth co-produced the TV magazine program, “Praise vibes” as a medical student.

An alumni of the London Film academy, with a certificate in Filmmaking, there is no question wherein truly lies the passion of this film maker, as he would tell you his greatest moments are when handling his video camera.
He is the founder of IRIS media and directs the creative process ably assisted by a team of trusted and time tested producers, cinematographers and creatives.

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