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Date of the wedding _____________________ 



Bride’s name ______________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________

Email ______________________________________


Groom’s name             ______________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________

Email ______________________________________




Bride’s address before the wedding ceremony _____________________

Time ___ to ___

Engagement address___________________________________________

Time___ to ___

Wedding Ceremony address___________________________________________

Time___ to ___

Reception address___________________________________________

Time___ to ___


ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement contains the entire understanding between IRIS media studios and the above named bride and groom. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties in both verbal and written communication. 


The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, signed by all the parties. If the parties wish to waive or alter one provision of this agreement, that does not mean that any other provision is also waived. 



Full payment for services rendered determines the release of the wedding film & DVD to the client. Upon full payment, the film and DVD become the property of the client for their personal use and for the purpose of distribution to relatives and friends. IRIS media studios ensures that all required music licenses be acquired for our productions.


The client however must obtain written permission from, and compensate, IRIS media studios prior to an event where the client, the client’s friends of relatives publish or sell any part of the wedding production for profit.



 It is not uncommon for weddings to go on longer than planned. Our videographers are flexible, and will allow an additional one hour for a late-running wedding. However, additional overtime fees are £50/hour. The client is thereof notified that shoots commence at the scheduled start time and end at the agreed time. If the event goes longer and the bride wishes an extension past one hour, a verbal acknowledgement is sufficient for our team to stay on. 


Should the ceremony start late due to any reason whatsoever, IRIS media studios will not be held liable for any filming not done. 



In order to ensure we get good images and audio capture, we usually capture audio separately on high fidelity sound recorders which requires us hooking up to the public address system of the church, Dj or live band.

  The videographer is limited by the guidelines of the ceremony official, the reception site management, crowd control or any of the afore mentioned parties. 

Negotiations with these parties for moderation of guidelines are the client’s responsibility. IRIS media studios will offer technical recommendations only. We will do our best to accommodate any request within reasonable terms, and we will also make suggestions and provide direction if necessary. 



It is further understood that in the unlikely event a videographer is injured or becomes too ill to film the event. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.



A deposit of 20% of the total charge will secure the team’s services for the client’s specified wedding date.  In the event of the client’s cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.

 If IRIS media studios are cancelling the event due to unexpected critical reasons, the full amount will be refunded.



Full payment for the services of IRIS media studios is due at the latest, a week before the wedding day or the engagement ceremony if inclusive, unless other agreements have been made. 

Any special travel/shipping costs outside the UK. will be paid for by the client



Clients names (printed) _______________________________________________________________


Client signatures _______________________________________________________________

Date _____________________________


Film maker ___________________

Date _____________________________


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